Veterinary Services

Large Animals In Claremont, NH

We provide Large Animals services at the Claremont Animal Hospital


Large Animals

Our farm call services are scheduled routinely on a daily basis all year long. From wellness checks and vaccinations for your small flock of sheep to a lameness exam and radiographs for your best trail horse, we can accommodate many situations in the field. We are familiar with the care of many species, including sheep, goats, llamas, alpacas, horses, and cattle, and are willing to help with any problem that may arise.

Claremont Animal Hospital offers wellness exams, vaccinations, in-house and referral laboratory testing, horse floating of teeth either by “hand” or “power” instruments, breeding soundness exams for mares and stallions, breeding procedures including AI with chilled or frozen semen, lameness exams, on-farm surgical procedures (castrations, lump removals, etc.), haul-in hospital facility available, health certificates and other regulatory paperwork, BVD, Brucellosis, TB, Scrapie, CLA, CAE, and other herd health testing.

Veterinary Services

Below are all of the veterinary services we offer at Claremont Animal Hospital. If you have any questions regarding our services, please feel free to call us.